We’ve moved!


A very gracious thank you to all my followers. We have incorporated the old “hurtbylove” website and wordpress.org into our new website at   www.hurtbylove.com.

We have done our best to move the subscribers over to the new site, but we are not computer experts so we apologize  if you have been lost in the shuffle. If this has happened could you kindly re-subscribe.

The ‘Blog Articles’ are still on the site under the ‘Blog’ menu near the top.

We hope the new site makes it easier to access the support you need. Please contact me if you see anything missing or have ideas that can help.

Doug & Cindy



2 thoughts on “We’ve moved!”

  1. Thank you I am seeing clearly and moving forward to freedom and health. I am a believer and I praise God for this. I have been in an abusive relationship for 28 years. I am done.

    1. I am sorry for where you find yourself, Charlotte, but I am glad you found us and hope you will check out our new website and the many support resources we have available there. We want to help.

      In Him,


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